Psycho-Educational assessments in Primary School – an overview

A Psycho-Educational assessment for a Primary School child usually involves the following three areas of investigation: A cognitive/intellectual assessment that identifies verbal and non-verbal perceptual reasoning abilities, working memory skills and processing speed. A battery of academic tests that provides a measure of the child’s current level of development in Reading, Spelling/Phonics, Comprehension, Written Expression […]

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Signs and symptoms commonly associated with Dyslexia

There are about 27 accepted definitions of Dyslexia and experts cannot seem to agree on exactly what this learning disorder is and how it presents itself in young children. There are dozens of Dyslexia Tests on the market, but not one single universally accepted test to try and identify this learning disorder. For this reason […]

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IEB concessions / accommodation application process

A recent psycho-educational assessment is often required when making an application for an IEB Accommodation / Concession. However the decision as to whether an accommodation will be granted lies with the IEB and its accommodations panel NOT with the practitioner who conducted the assessment or with the school. The following guidelines outline the general application […]

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What exactly is self-esteem?

Brian Mesinger, PhD, a psychologist at the Fort Collins Youth Clinic in Colorado, defines the term in the following way; “Self-esteem is the collection of beliefs or feelings that we have about ourselves. How we define ourselves hugely influences our motivations, attitudes and behaviours”. Put simply, self-esteem is the value we place upon ourselves. It […]

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Anel Annandale moves to the City Bowl

Educational Psychologist Anel Annandale has moved her practice from Plumstead to the Firdale Wellness Centre in the City Bowl area of Cape Town. The new office is more spacious allowing busy little bodies more freedom of movement and it places Anel in a more central area allowing her to see clients from the City Bowl, […]

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