Family life can be busy. There is a lot going on with work, school, doing homework, going to extra-mural activities, cooking meals, and making sure everyone has fun too. Busy schedules can affect children in many ways. They may become stressed, feel anxious or get overwhelmed. One way to ensure a sense of stability for your children is through family rituals. 


What are family rituals?

Family rituals are special things a family does regularly. Often rituals are handed down from grandparents or other relatives, while other rituals may be created by the family itself.


What are some examples?

Examples of family rituals include: 

  • Reading bedtime stories after dinner every night 
  • Going to the park and having ice cream at a local café every Saturday
  • Walking the dog as a family every Sunday
  • Cooking together and having a special breakfast around the table over weekends


Why rituals are so important

Rituals have many benefits for families of all sizes. Some of these include: 

  • Helping with the general health and wellbeing of families trying to balance the demands of school, work, home, and social lives.
  • During times of uncertainty, such as starting school or moving house, having rituals also creates a secure environment where children can look forward to some stability. 
  • Improving the bond between children and some or all of their family members. 
  • Offering children a sense of belonging and promoting identity forming. Forming a unique identity early on is very important for adult development, because it gives children a boost of confidence and helps them understand where they come from.


How to create rituals 

While some rituals form naturally and automatically, others need some extra effort. Creating rituals tailored to your family life will help to keep them fun, enjoyable and consistent. It is essential to get every family member involved. So, be sure to ask them for their thoughts and ideas too. 


Savour life with rituals everyone enjoys

Your family needs rituals to help you slow down and appreciate the moments you spend together. Find things that you all enjoy and can become a part of who you are as a family.