Diagram displaying importance of parental and school involvement in a child's academic success

Parental involvement is vital to a child’s academic success

We all generally agree that schooling and education are vitally important to a child’s success in later life, but few people realise that children still spend the majority of their time outside of school.  Parents thus play a very big role in shaping their children’s beliefs and attitudes towards school and schoolwork.

Research has shown that the earlier parents get involved in their child’s educational progress and the more direct this involvement is, the more positive the impact on the child’s academic results and experience of schoolwork.  The research also suggests that children with involved parents have:

  • Higher marks
  • Better school attendance
  • Increased motivation
  • Better self-esteem
  • Lower rates of suspension; drug and alcohol abuse and violent behaviour

Family participation has been proven to be twice as predictive of a child’s academic success as socio-economic status.

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