I am often asked the following questions about the global assessment of functioning. (Please note that the answers below relate only to my practice – as Anel Annandale. If you would like to inquire about a global assessment with any of the other psychologists listed on this website, please contact them directly).

How long does it take?

The assessment is quite long and usually takes between 4 to 5 hours.  It sounds long, but is actually shorter than an average school day.  Having this much time enables me to test all the important aspects of learning and still allow your child to have plenty of breaks so they don’t become tired. Assessments usually take place from 10:00 – 14:00.

Do you need to meet with us before the assessment?

Yes please! It is very important that I gather as much information as possible before the global assessment.  But I know that many parents simply cannot afford to take the  time off from work – so we can do the background via Zoom or Skype is that it easier.  If you are really not able to meet with me at all I can send you background documents to complete via e-mail.

What is tested?

Depending on the age of the child a global assessment can include:

  • an aptitude assessment
  • scholastic battery (reading, writing, spelling, mathematics)
  • visual & auditory perceptual screening
  • fine and gross motor screening
  • tests of conceptual development
  • emotional screening.

 How long before we get told the results?

Feedback usually takes place a few days after the assessment and the feedback session is generally about an hour long.  Feedback meetings can also be done via Zoom or Skype if this is easier for you.

What does the assessment cost? / Do you claim directly from medical aid?

I charge medical aid rates that are tailored to your specific MEDICAL AID.  As I claim directly from them and charge according to their specific rate, I can guarantee that there will be no surcharges. Please note, however that not all medical aids pay for this – so we will have to check with your medical aid beforehand.

My all-inclusive PRIVATE PATIENT rates for parents who are not on medical aid is R4700.00

This includes the background meeting + assessment + feedback meeting + report

If you are absolutely not able to meet with me for a background meeting I can send you documents to complete and return to me via email.  There is then no charge for the background meeting and the fee will total R3900.00 (assessment + feedback + report)

Do we get a report and do we have to pay for it?

I will give you a comprehensive report including recommendations at the feedback meeting – there is no extra charge for the report.

What do you need from me?

Once a date has been booked for the assessment, please forward me the following contact details:

  • Your telephone number (preferably a landline & cellphone number)
  • Your e-mail address


Other important information:

Please remember to bring a healthy, packed lunch for your child on the day of the assessment and ensure that he / she gets enough sleep the night before.  It is important that your child’s energy levels remain high throughout the assessment and that he / she will perform to the best of his / her abilities.

Please note that appointments not cancelled at least 48 hours in advance will be charged for in full.

Can we stay for the assessment?

Parents are welcome to wait in the reception area for the duration of the assessment. However, I find that children are very easily distracted by their parents’ presence and this often leads them to under-perform.  It is thus advisable that parents drop their children off on the morning of the assessment and then collect them again at 14:00 when the assessment is over.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions regarding a global assessment.

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