There are general things that you can do as a parent to help your child succeed in

Child with schoolbag

Help your child thrive at school

school. Success in life and at school is about more than just the child’s intellectual ability or IQ, it is essential that we consider a child’s emotional intelligence, talents and self-esteem.   Talents need to be identified and nurtured if we are going to help children to improve their areas of weakness. It is essential that they feel they are worthwhile and capable as this builds their confidence and allows them to have the assurance to attempt to unfamiliar things.

Thriving at school is the result of getting the right combination of “switched on teachers, supportive parents and enthusiastic learners” according to Dr’s John Irvine and John Stewart (March 2008). It’s also about learning how to follow a system and specific routines and doing what is expected, which, as any parent will know does not always come naturally to children!

The intention of the articles on this website is to help you help your child to enjoy their time at school. The strategies and suggestions given here are not intended to replace any additional assistance your child may need at school. In addition to this, if your child is still displaying difficulties, even though you’ve attempted many of these strategies, it may be necessary to have them fully assessed by an educational psychologist.

The following articles will all guide you in ways to help your child succeed at school: