Lisa Cohen

Lisa Cohen: Professional storyteller and founder of Grow a Tale

It is so important for children to know the stories of their birth and how they became part of their families. Children will often ask to hear these stories over and over and telling this story is in fact one of the techniques used in filial therapy to promote bonding between a parent and child.


I find that adopted children have an even greater need for some sort of story about how they joined their new family.  Lisa Cohen, a professional storyteller and founder of Grow a Tale consults with parents (either in person or via Skype and e-mail) about the birth / adoption of their child and then compiles beautiful, personalised stories for each family.  The stories can also be illustrated and printed in books.  Or get a voucher as a gift for a special friend’s baby shower or baby blessing ceremony.

Contact Lisa on 083 644 4980 or at