With the ever increasing volume of academic work that children are required to master, general knowledge topics are often neglected both at school and at home.  A good general knowledge is considered an indicator of intelligence; it enriches us as people; helps us understand the world as a whole and at the very least, makes us much more interesting to talk to. The following fun activities will all help to increase your child’s general knowledge:


* Famous person of the week.  Hang a photo frame in a high traffic area of your home and each week put the picture of a famous scene or person  (it doesn’t matter whether it is historical or a topic that is currently featuring in the news) in the frame.  Ask your children to guess who the famous person is or encourage them to try and find out for themselves before you give them all the information.  Research it together and have a discussion around the dinner table about the events and their impact on our world.

* There are tons of amazing board games that will help to increase your child’s general knowledge in a super fun way.  Think of games such as Trivial Pursuit, Who wants to be a millionaire, 30 seconds and even Pictionary.

* Visit places of interest and learn together.  The list is endless: museums, botanical gardens, aquariums, the planetarium, cultural villages, science centres, nature reserves, etc, etc, etc. Most of them have specially tailored kids learning activities and and as an added bonus several of these venues offer free entrance on public holidays or other days of historical significance.