Playtime holds great importance for kids’ development. Especially independent play is essential for kids to explore and learn more about themselves. Independent play is a time where kids play in a safe area alone for a certain period of time.

Let’s look at some of the most valuable reasons why kids should play alone regularly. 

Reasons why kids should play alone


  • It promotes problem-solving skills  

Indepenednet play is a time for kids to explore on their own without interruption. During these times, kids determine their own course and develop important problem-solving abilities. For example, if part of a toy gets stuck somewhere, kids have to find a way to get it unstuck on their own. 

  • It builds confidence 

By solving problems on their own and developing a sense of mastery and control, kids gain confidence. Soon, they will feel like they are in charge of their alone time, without any judgement or comparison.

  • It encourages creativity 

Playing alone helps to develop creativity and imagination. During solitary play, kids set the scene and have to figure out a way to entertain themselves. This can also help to avoid boredom in the future. 

  • It develops social independence

Solo play develops a strong sense of independence in kids. They don’t have to be around other people at all times. As they grow up, this social independence will help them feel more comfortable in any situation.

  • It boosts independence  

Solo play develops the powers of persistence and completion. Being solely in charge of situations means kids think things through and follow through on decisions independently.

How to encourage independent play 

  • Create space 

Create a safe and comfortable space for your child to play alone away from any distratcions. 

  • Offer a variety of toys 

It’s no secret that kids can get bored quickly. So, it’s important to make a variety of different toys available for your kid. 

  • Don’t get involved

You may tempted to look over your child’s shoulder from time to time. But independent play should be completely free of any involvement or distractions. You can rather ask your child about their experience after they’re done playing. 

Solitude shouldn’t be scary 

You may think that independent play will isolate your child from others. But allowing your kid to play by themselves is actually a highly valuable experience. Not only will they learn more about themselves, but they will also learn important skills that can be incredibly beneficial as they grow up.