Teacher reading to class

Schools may use various methods to teach children how to read

Schools use different methods to teach reading. For example:

The phonics method; this is the term used for teaching reading wherein individual letters of the alphabet are matched with the specific sounds of the languages pronunciation. So ‘cat’ is read as ‘c-a-t’ and the child then runs the sounds together to say ‘cat’.  This method endeavours to eliminate the child’s attempts at guessing the meaning of words, which, if incorrect, can affect everything being read.

The whole word method; this involves making use of flash cards to teach the child to recognise the whole word when it is seen. So a series of flashcards are created depicting words such as the, my, we, cat, good, etc. and the child is shown a card and told the word and is expected to remember it, so whenever they see the word ‘good’ they are able to instantly recognise it without having to sound it out, as in the phonics method.

The whole language method; this method involves a lot of discussion about what is about to be read before the actual reading begins. So a child is asked to predict what the story is about by looking at the title and the pictures. Thus a child is already thinking about the text before they begin reading and they are encouraged to guess at unfamiliar words, using the context and pictures as clues to the words meaning.

Ideally however, children work best with a combination of these strategies in order for them to gain appropriate reading strategies while keeping reading fun and exciting.If your child is put off reading at a young age, you will have a long, hard battle trying to rekindle their interest in books again. Children need to develop reading skills that allow them to recognize words automatically so they can focus on the meaning of the words. Take the following passage for example, most adult readers will have no difficulties with reading this, as decoding of words has become automatic but this will be near impossible for most children.

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