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I am absolutely thrilled (and more than just a little nervous) to be introducing my latest project: Kula Growth.

Kula Growth is all about Early Childhood Development (ECD) and will become an online portal for moms as well as early childhood practitioners to get more information on how the littlest members of our society learn and develop.  It will also showcase the baby and toddler products that I have designed and produced with the help of an amazing team of seamstresses in my local community, here in Cape Town.

The products have been specifically designed with the most important developmental skills at each age in mind.

Early Childhood Development is VITALLY important and I want to do all I can to help it get the attention it deserves.  It holds enormous promise for creating a brighter future for us all, and yet only a small minority of children in South Africa are enrolled in ECD Centres.  More worrying than that is that the centres that do exist are severely under resourced.

It is my dream to get Kula Growth off the ground and prove it a stable enough source of income so that we can approach a non-profit early childhood initiative and donate a portion of our sales to help support the wonderful work that they do.

Kula Growth is proud to be South African.  All our raw materials are locally sourced and we’ve tried to make use of traditional African fabrics wherever possible.  By buying our products you are also supporting the local craftswomen who hand make each product.

Check out the Kula Growth website by clicking on this link: www.kulagrowth.com or check out our Facebook page for regular updates on the products and ECD articles: https://www.facebook.com/kulagrowth

Please let me know what you think!