I am thrilled to announce the launch of my first book in – what will hopefully be a series of illustrated short stories for children.  Anger management often comes up as an issue with some of my youngest clients.  Toddlers and young children are easily angered and frustrated, but do not always know how to deal with these feelings.

I had so often found in my playtherapy sessions that children with anger management issues carry the additional burden of feeling guilty for their outbursts.  And often they also feel totally confused about what they are feeling.  That is why I wrote it.  What I like about it is that it is a useful tool for me to use in explaining to children that all emotions are acceptable. But that not all reactions to these emotions are okay.  I can use it to help them understand that by finding acceptable ways to express their frustration and anger as the feelings arise, they can prevent themselves from “exploding”.  Again, I love all the lines but it is the illustrations by my good friend (and crazily talented artist) James Mann that really draws children to the story. Especially the dramatic scene of Crano exploding.

Available as a free download CLICK HERE.