Childpsych now serving South Africa.

Since it’s inception the Childpsych website has been receiving enquiries from all over the country. To better serve all South Africans I’ve decided to partner up with other educational psychologists around the country.

The website’s new aim will now be to become the single best resource in South Africa for information on educational psychology.

In order to help me reach this goal we will be featuring one Educational Psychologist in each of the following areas:
Johannesburg: Northern Suburbs
Johannesburg: Southern Suburbs
Johannesburg: East Rand
Johannesburg: West Rand
Pretoria East
Pretoria North
Port Elizabeth
Cape Town
In order to maintain a high level of quality each province will only feature one Educational Psychologist, with our aim to showcase professionals passionate about this wonderful profession and helping children reach their full potential.

If you are an Educational Psychologist and would like to apply to be part of this program, feel free to email me on