Early childhood represents a period of great opportunity.  Probably the greatest throughout the life span.  It’s like being handed a raw diamond and knowing that you can shape it into almost anything. During this time children will develop emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically.  And this will shape the adults that they become.

Investing in young children is super important.  It maximizes their future well-being.  And by default, the well-being of the societies they will be part of.

Better Behaviour

Children who attend Early Childhood Development programmes (whether it be in weekly meet-ups or at a Nursery school) become socialised at an early age.  They become more attuned to others’ needs and more aware of the impact that their behaviour can have on others – and vice versa. Responsibility, routine and fair discipline is taught at a young age, lying the foundation for their success in the future.  These children are also able to receive instructions and interpret requests more easily.

Social Skills are Developed

Having to interact with other children on a regular basis increases a child’s ability to work within a group.  Sharing, patience, including others, dealing with conflict and contributing to tasks with confidence are all social skills that can be learnt within these settings.  As are values such as honesty, compassion, respect and perseverance.

A Love of Learning

When children learn from an early age, learning becomes easy!  And when presented in a fun way, children will develop a love for learning that is likely to last throughout their whole lives. Studies have shown that children who receive the right kind of input during the stage of Early Childhood are more likely to stay in school and to go onto college.  

Other Benefits of Early Childhood Development:

Here are a few other great benefits of focusing on early childhood development:

  • Children who attend Early Childhood programmes are less likely to need remedial help in future
  • As adults they are better at family planning and parenting
  • They are more likely to earn higher salaries in the future
  • But the most exciting of all, is that the research shows positive spin-offs transfer to the next generation as well!


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