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The IEB has a well set out concession / accommodation policy

A recent psycho-educational assessment is often required when making an application for an IEB Accommodation / Concession. However the decision as to whether an accommodation will be granted lies with the IEB and its accommodations panel NOT with the practitioner who conducted the assessment or with the school.

The following guidelines outline the general application process for many of the IEB accommodations:

Educational Psychologist: The psychologist administers a Psycho-educational assessment that complies with the battery of tests required by the IEB.

Parents: Sign IEB Consent Form D, as assessment information will be distributed beyond the assessing psychologist.

School: Relevant teacher / head completed Application Forms A and B.  At least three subject teacher comments and relevant samples of school work should be included with the application.

Supporting Historical Evidence: eg Occupational therapy reports, Speech therapy reports, Remedial therapy reports and Medical Report from relevant practitioner (IEB Form C) need to be submitted in support of the application.

Submission Process: Applications are submitted to the IEB by the school.