Are you considering applying to the IEB for accommodations or concessions for your child?

Physical disabilities and Learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyscalculia, etc can act as a giant hurdle to your child achieving to their full potential.  If your child has a physical disability or learning difficulty chat to his teachers about the possibility of applying for a concession or accommodation for his exams.  Different accommodations might be granted dependent on your child’s specific needs.  For instance, a severely Dyslexic learner might apply for a reader or a scribe (or both) so that they basically complete their exams orally or learners who take very long to complete projects and tests might apply for extra time during the exams.

The IEB requires a full assessment by a psychologist (using very specific tests) in application for an accommodation or concession.  Applying for a concession or accommodation can be rather complicated and it is best to use the services of a psychologist who has experience with the application process.  Below is a short synopsis of exactly what the accommodation or concession application entails:

IEB Accommodations and Concessions (Refer to: IEB Policy and Procedures 2011)

Background information

Examination accommodations are granted to enable candidates with specific barriers to learning to demonstrate their true ability in the examinations. These are learners with at least average intellectual ability. Barriers to learning are significant long term disabilities which compromise examination performance.

Barriers to learning for which an accommodation cannot be granted

  • Low cognitive functioning where the learner’s cognitive functioning falls below the average range of intellectual ability and reveals and even cognitive functioning.
  • Difficulty with language medium where the learner has difficulty with the language medium because the language of assessment is not the home language of the learner.

Accommodations which may be granted

  • Additional time
  • Amanuensis  (An amanuensis is a person who reads and scribes for a learner)
  • Braille
  • Computer
  • Enlarged Print
  • Handwriting
  • Medication/food intake
  • Practical assistant
  • Prompter
  • Reader
  • Rest breaks
  • Scribe
  • Separate venue
  • Specific equipment
  • Spelling

Procedure for applications

  • A  full psycho-educational assessment
  • Medical report (if applicable)
  • Supporting historical evidence (occupational therapy, speech therapy or remedial therapy reports)
  • Teacher comments
  • School report and school samples

The final decision as to whether an accommodation will be granted lies with the IEB and its accommodation panel not with the psychologist who conducted the assessment or with the school.