The best keep secret in the Southern Suburbs?

With being new in the area and trying to set up a practice, I’ve been spending a lot of time going around to schools to meet with staff, to introduce myself and to get a general feel for each school.  And what an interesting exercise it has been!

I have been so impressed by some of the schools that I have visited and feel I simply have to share.

Bergvliet Primary School is tucked away in a quiet little street, aptly named Children’s Way, in the suburb and I doubt that I would have been able to find it without the help of my GPS.  I met with Fiona van der Linde the school’s social worker and Angela Leech, the remedial teacher and was instantly impressed with their experience and knowledge.  Getting the theory of emotion and remediation right is one thing, but it was these ladies’ understanding of what it takes to implement these ideals in practice that really impressed me. Fiona and Angela speak very passionately about what they do and the children they deal with and from where I was sitting it seemed pretty clear that they care very deeply about each of the children they take under their wings.

The school is model-C school and currently has in the region of about 600+ pupils.  The school buildings and grounds are quaint and neat and not overly decorative or lavish (I often cringe to think what the school fees must be at some of the overly decorative and grand schools that I visit).  The hallways were filled with the sounds of children learning and someone playing the piano and all the classrooms were colourfully decorated with children’s art.

While sitting in the reception area I read the notice boards, detailing the rich history of the school and was instantly struck by how few principals had been employed since the school came into existence.  I’ve always believed that to be a simple rule of thumb on which to judge any school – the longer the principals stay, the better the school.

So if you live or work in the Begvliet / Plumstead / Tokai area and are looking for a school in the area, I would definitely recommend that you consider Bergvliet Primary School.  The school can be contacted on 021 715 1103.