Parenting: Signs you may be putting too much pressure on your kids

With the advent of Facebook, instant messaging and Twitter we are now constantly alerted to everything everyone else is doing, and more often than not – what they have accomplished.  (We all know those parents who congratulate their children in Facebook status updates for their achievements, when said children don’t even have Facebook accounts). This […]

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Kids learning: the interplay between memory and concentration

Does your child often forget things?  Does he forget to bring his shoes or jersey back from school; forget to follow the instructions you give him or get halfway through a sentence and then forgets what he had wanted to say?  It might surprised you to learn that his memory might be well developed and […]

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Developmental delay

Developmental delay is the umbrella term used when we first become aware that a child is not achieving his / her developmental milestones as they should. Before I focus further on developmental delay though, I’d like to just pause for a minute and elaborate on what we mean when we say that children are not […]

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