Intellectually gifted children with learning difficulties

It’s seems completely contradictory for a child to be intellectually gifted and have a learning difficulty at the same time, right?  Yet, experts estimate that about 2% – 5% of gifted children have learning difficulties.  Gifted children with learning difficulties are referred to as being twice exceptional (abbreviated as 2e) and may suffer from any […]

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Help your child succeed in school

There are general things that you can do as a parent to help your child succeed in school. Success in life and at school is about more than just the child’s intellectual ability or IQ, it is essential that we consider a child’s emotional intelligence, talents and self-esteem.   Talents need to be identified and […]

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Why do children lie

Actor Al Pacino once famously said: “I always tell the truth, even when I’m lying”.  And like old Al, very few adults can claim to have always told the truth (cross your heart and hope to die).   But where does it start and why do children lie? Young children usually lie in an effort to protect […]

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Listed Educational Psychologists

Child Psych features selected Educational Psychologists in the following areas listed below. Each of these Educational psychologists operate independently. As such there specific list of services and areas of focus may differ slightly. Fees charged by each Psychologist may also differ slightly. Listed below are links for each area: Gauteng Johannesburg Northern Suburbs Johannesburg East […]

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