How to get the most from psycho-educational assessments

Psycho-educational assessments: Hearing that your child needs to undergo a full psycho-educational assessment often comes as a rather nasty surprise to most parents.  It’s what economists call a grudge purchase – not something you get because you really want it but because you feel you have to.  Here are some tips to help you get […]

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The difference between Clinical, Counselling and Educational Psychology

The difference between Clinical, Counselling, and Educational Psychology: For most parents, finding a psychologist to send their child to is a pretty daunting task.  This is often complicated even further by the lack of knowledge around the different disciplines and the apparent cross over between the services offered by each. Who does what? And how […]

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Apply to be listed

The Opportunity The website was originally developed just to serve Anel and assist in getting her practice going. However it’s been so successful  in getting visits from around the country that Anel decided to let other people from other areas list to be more useful.  It features very highly in search results for very relevant keywords and […]

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Cape Town

Educational Psychologist Cape Town Anel Annandale Email: Office: 021-423-0739 Mobile: 082-695-9319 Physical Address: Firdale Wellness Centre, 3 Firdale Avenue, Gardens. Preferred method of communication: E-mail. As I am in consultation for most of the day I cannot always answer my phone and find that it is often easier for me to respond via e-mail. I will […]

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