A call to South African Educators

My experience in working both as a teacher and later as an Educational psychologist in school settings has helped me appreciate exactly how crucial a role educators play in the lives of our children. It is a thankless, never-ending job.  A teacher’s day typically starts just after 7 am (if it’s not staff meetings, it’s […]

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Learning styles and exam techniques

Learning styles and exam techniques Melanie Hartgill Over the years in my practice I have discovered that there are as many different approaches to learning as there are people, however, one thing that stands out for me is the fact that there are only really three main learning styles (although there may be variations on […]

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Welcome Melanie Hartgill

We are thrilled to welcome Melanie Hartgill who is now listed on our website for the Johannesburg East region. Melanie has been an Educational Psychologist for 11 years and is also a mother of two. She features regularly in the press and you can catch her on 702 this Saturday from 7am  talking about learning disabilities in children.

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Parent Guidance and Support

Is it not ironic that even the simplest products now come with instruction booklets, yet there is no such booklet for a job as important as parenting? Parent guidance focuses on supporting parents in this difficult task and in teaching skills to help them in their interactions with their children.  It may provide parents with […]

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Play Therapy

Play is a child’s natural means of self-expression. Emotional difficulties and experiences of trauma are often represented symbolically in children’s play activities and the main aim of the psychologist is to facilitate the child’s growth as he or she works through these emotional difficulties or memories of a traumatic experience.  Therapists use a variety of […]

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