Psycho-Educational assessments in Primary School – an overview

Primary school girl undergoing psycho-educational assessment

Assessments of primary school children cover 3 general areas affecting learning

A Psycho-Educational assessment for a Primary School child usually involves the following three areas of investigation:

  • A cognitive/intellectual assessment that identifies verbal and non-verbal perceptual reasoning abilities, working memory skills and processing speed.
  • A battery of academic tests that provides a measure of the child’s current level of development in Reading, Spelling/Phonics, Comprehension, Written Expression and Mathematics.
  • An emotional screening.

A cognitive and academic profile is then identified and insight into the child’s emotional well being is ascertained. From this information recommendations may be made with a view to enabling the child to reach his/her full potential.

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    • author-hexa-bg

      Hi Renata,

      Yes – a thorough Psycho-Educational assessment will be able to screen for Dysgraphia

  • author-hexa-bg

    My grade 3 is having problems with reading, he has been having reading lessons and the teacher has extra reading lesson as well. At grade 3 the test exams papers are been read to the class and that is how he is able to understand to answer his exam paper , he scores over 70-80 percent if we do not read the paper he would get 35-40 because he can read all the words and he mixs up his letters.
    The teacher requested we get a educational assessment and A application to the government to approve his exams papers to be read to him next year as he works in his reading skills

    • author-hexa-bg

      Hi Waheeda,

      I would agree very strongly with the advice you received from the school.

      The assessment needs to be done for two reasons:
      1. To establish WHY he is battling with reading
      2. To plan how best to help him forward – this may include (but may not be limited to) an application to the Department of Education for concessions / accommodations such as a Reader or Scribe

  • author-hexa-bg

    hi, I would also like to find out which government institute in durban that offers educational child psycho assessment since my younger brother who’s 17 has been struggling at school and till date he can’t even read even simple English. I do not have funds to take him to a private institution. So would like to find if there are any government institutes that offers same service in durban.

  • author-hexa-bg

    I’m having a problem with my child she is in grade 2 and at school she often don’t concentrate in class she always speaking she struggle to understand her teacher and she even started to bull other children such cases like this how do I talk to her and I really need some books that will help the situation.

    • author-hexa-bg

      Hi Prudence,

      Has she had an Educational Assessment yet? It is vital that we first try to understand exactly what underlies this behaviour before we will be able to help her. I would recommend that you make an appointment with an Educational Psychologist in your area for a full educational assessment first. What you are describing sounds like a concentration difficulty such as ADD or ADHD – but we need to make sure by having it diagnosed by a trained professional.

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