Teaching children anger management skills

Young children are often caught unaware by their own feelings of anger and frustration.  They don’t fully understand what came over them in their fit of rage and may feel agitated and confused (and sometimes a little guilty) by their own behaviour. Here are some tips on helping your little one deal with his anger […]

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Discipline and the pre-school child

How do you effectively discipline a pre-school child? Most parents will know that this is much easier said than done.  How do you deal with a being that is the epitome of cuteness in one moment and then the devil himself the next?  When is it okay to ignore disruptive behaviour? Until what age are […]

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School readiness: The importance of emotional maturity

School readiness depends as much on emotional maturity as it does on scholastic ability. In order to be deemed cognitively school ready, children need to achieve a test age of 6  years 3 months on school readiness assessments.  Yet, I have assessed many children who have scored much higher than this and still recommended that […]

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