When kids are too scared to try

It breaks my heart.  They sit at my desk looking like deer in headlights: eyes wide; nostrils flaring and stubbornly, resolutely refusing to even just try.   Their potential is so obvious!  I know that if I could fast forward into the future these will be the star athletes, ground-breaking scientist and award-winning actresses of tomorrow […]

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How to help children with Selective Mutism

Children with selective mutism are physically capable of speaking, but do not speak in specific situations or to specific people. For more information on Selective Mutism and how it presents in children, read this article: http://www.childpsych.co.za/barriers-to-learning/selective-mutism/ Selective Mutism (SM) is a debilitating disorder and may have a very negative impact on a child’s daily functioning in […]

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Vervroegde puberteit

Vervroegde puberteit verwys na die verskynsel waar ‘n kind se liggaam op ‘n te vroee ouderdom in ‘n volwasse liggaam begin verander.  Dit kan met meisies sowel as seuns gebeur, maar meisies is 10 keer meer waarskynlik om aan vervroegde puberteit te lei as seuns. Met normale aanvang van puberteit vind veranderinge in biologiese, psigiese […]

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