Help your child succeed in school

There are general things that you can do as a parent to help your child succeed in school. Success in life and at school is about more than just the child’s intellectual ability or IQ, it is essential that we consider a child’s emotional intelligence, talents and self-esteem.   Talents need to be identified and […]

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Pen and paper with writing on it

Writing exercises for children

Children need to be able to communicate appropriately in written form. Unfortunately this no longer means strictly pen on paper and so things such as writing and perfect penmanship are almost considered a thing of the past but this does not mean that your child should be allowed to scribble and work untidily. Writing requires […]

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Reading games for preschool kids

Here are some reading games to play with your preschool kids:  I spy: play I-spy to introduce phonics, ensuring that you use the letter sound and not the name, for example, ‘ah’ (a), ‘buh’ (b), ‘cuh’ (c), rather than ‘Ay’ (A) ‘Bee’(B), ‘See’(C). The game goes like this: “I spy with my little eye, something […]

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