Kids learning: The importance of puzzles

Looking to buy an Educational toy but feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options? If in doubt – buy a puzzle.   Puzzles are absolutely great (not only because they allow tired parents a few precious moments of respite while they’re little ones are building them) but also because they help to enhance so […]

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Kids learning to read: visual figure-ground perception

Visual figure ground perception refers to the ability to distinguish a figure or object from it’s background and is a vital element to reading.  This ability enables emerging readers to focus on words and letters and ignore background prints or blots and smudges on a page.  Practice this skill by letting your emerging read information […]

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Pencil grip development and why it matters

As part of my assessments I routinely check fine motor control and pencil grip and often while reporting to a parent that their child’s pencil grip is inferior I am asked: “What does it really matter? What difference does it make how my child holds his / her pencil?” We’ve all heard of the brilliant […]

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