Why crawling is important

A vital part of my assessments includes establishing when a particular child achieved their developmental milestones (sitting, crawling, walking, talking, etc).  And very often I come across cases where children simply went from sitting, to bum shuffling to walking and never crawled.  Some parents see this as a sign of advanced development, but crawling is […]

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Kids learning – guiding principles for parents

With so many different types of Education programmes, products, philosophies and schools of thought out there it can be incredibly  confusing for parents to know how to stimulate a young child’s development or how to approach teaching and learning with older children.  Children all learn in different ways, but no matter which school of thought […]

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Kids learning: What is auditory perception?

Kids Learning: What is Auditory Perception? Put simply, auditory perception refers to the interpretation of information sent to the brain via the ears and as such covers much more than just functional hearing. Children experiencing auditory perceptual problems hear words differently from the way other children hear them. They confuse similar sounding words (e.g. train […]

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