Is my baby being naughty?

The word “naughty” just doesn’t seem to fit with the picture most of us have of little babies and I don’t think it’s entirely appropriate to describe babies as either “good” or “naughty”. Instead we should rather try to evaluate whether a baby’s behaviour is age-appropriate or not.  For instance, it’s entirely age appropriate for […]

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Violence in schools

Violent behaviour in schools has undoubtedly increased in recent decades.  For a short period following the Morne Harmse (Samurai sword killer) case things seemed to have calmed down and education specialists and teachers were all keeping their fingers crossed, hoping that was the last violent attack – but recent incidences of violence suggest that we […]

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Benefits and disadvantages of homeschooling

With the increase in technologies that enable parents to work from home and from relatively remote regions I find that more and more parents are considering homeschooling their children.  Added to this is the disillusionment many parents feel with the traditional schooling system and it’s overall failure to produce self-directed learners.   Here are some […]

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Developmental delay

Developmental delay is the umbrella term used when we first become aware that a child is not achieving his / her developmental milestones as they should. Before I focus further on developmental delay though, I’d like to just pause for a minute and elaborate on what we mean when we say that children are not […]

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