Teaching your child to share

Here is a simple guide to teaching your child to share: Every parent understands the frustration that can sometimes come with trying to get a toddler to share.   In a sense, difficulty in sharing at this age is a good indication – it points to the fact that your child is starting to develop his […]

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How to help your baby’s brain grow

Let’s first look at what science has taught us about how your baby’s brain grows: Thanks to research we now know that our brains develop and change throughout our lifetimes, but the most important foundation for brain development is laid in early childhood.  The experiences we have as young children affect the physical architecture of […]

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Separation Anxiety

How should you deal with separation anxiety? Although it can make life rather difficult for parents, separation anxiety is a normal stage of your child’s development.  It is an indication that your child has formed a secure attachment to you and feels happy and safe when they’re with you. Being separated from you for short […]

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Teenage Pregnancy

Even though recent studies suggest that the teenage pregnancy rate in South Africa has remained relatively stable in recent years, it is difficult to ignore the fact that 71 out of every 1000 births annually are to teenage mothers.  In 2013 there were 99 000 teenage pregnancies in our country (that’s 271 girls falling pregnant […]

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