Teach children emotional intelligence

Tips for developing your child’s emotional intelligence

Tips for developing your child’s emotional intelligence (and developing these characteristics yourself); ☺    Raise your children understanding that while all emotions are acceptable, not all behaviours are. ☺    Help your children to find appropriate and healthy ways of dealing with all of their emotions, especially the negative ones (this does not allow for them to […]

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What is emotional intelligence?

It seems that every parenting magazine you pick up today is filled with pamphlets advertising talks and workshops for parents on the topic of emotional intelligence. What on earth is this? How important is it? And more significantly, what can we, as parents, do at home to promote emotional intelligence in our children and ourselves? Dr. […]

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Teaching children anger management skills

Young children are often caught unaware by their own feelings of anger and frustration.  They don’t fully understand what came over them in their fit of rage and may feel agitated and confused (and sometimes a little guilty) by their own behaviour. Here are some tips on helping your little one deal with his anger […]

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Anel’s answers to FAQ’s about psycho-educational assessments

Anel is often asked the following questions regarding psycho-educational assessments. The answers below relate only to her practice. If you would like to inquire about psycho-educational assessment with any of the other psychologists listed on this website, please contact them directly. How long does it take? The assessment is quite long and usually takes between […]

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