Kids learning to read: visual figure-ground perception

Visual figure ground perception refers to the ability to distinguish a figure or object from it’s background and is a vital element to reading.  This ability enables emerging readers to focus on words and letters and ignore background prints or blots and smudges on a page.  Practice this skill by letting your emerging read information […]

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ADHD – Tips for Teachers

There is a lot that teachers can do in terms of classroom layout, lesson presentation and behaviour modification techniques to support learners diagnosed with ADD or ADHD Classroom layout   •Arrange desks in rows, not in groups.  (Desks may be placed in a semi-circle to facilitate groupwork and discussions). •Place the ADHD child in the front […]

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More maths concepts for preschoolers

In a previous post (Kids learning to do maths:  Early numeracy skills)  I mentioned how important is to use mathematical terms as you go about your everyday tasks as a way to introduce maths concepts for preschoolers.  Many math and science geniuses maintain that maths is just a language and when you understand the terms and you […]

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