Early Motor Control and Motor Development

Early Motor Control and Motor Development Motor development and control is the most important accomplishment of early life, and therefore the greatest percentage of brain activity at this age is organized for reaching, grasping, turning, lifting, lugging oneself upward first onto the knees, and then finally getting ready to take those first lumbering uncertain steps. […]

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2nd Edition 2011 – Auditory Perception

As February draws to a close, the majority of children have settled into their new classrooms and teachers start to pick up the work pace. This is also generally the time of the year when teachers begin to identify learners with apparent learning difficulties and refer them to various specialists for examination and remediation. Many […]

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What is the difference between remedial and special education?

Put very simply, remedial education applies to children who have average to above average intellectual abilities, but do not perform according to their potential as a result of difficulties with reading and/or writing and/or arithmetic. Whereas special educational facilities cater for children with below average intellectual abilities. Some schools also advertise that they offer mainstream […]

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