Developmental delay

Developmental delay is the umbrella term used when we first become aware that a child is not achieving his / her developmental milestones as they should. Before I focus further on developmental delay though, I’d like to just pause for a minute and elaborate on what we mean when we say that children are not […]

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The benefits of imaginative play for children

I have always been fascinated by children’s imaginative play and love watching them totally live themselves into the moment, seemingly oblivious of their ordinary, everyday surroundings. Beside the hours of fun that imaginary play provides, researchers have also found that it has several developmental benefits: * Children automatically engage in problem solving during imaginative play, they […]

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Why crawling is important

A vital part of my assessments includes establishing when a particular child achieved their developmental milestones (sitting, crawling, walking, talking, etc).  And very often I come across cases where children simply went from sitting, to bum shuffling to walking and never crawled.  Some parents see this as a sign of advanced development, but crawling is […]

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Kids learning – guiding principles for parents

With so many different types of Education programmes, products, philosophies and schools of thought out there it can be incredibly  confusing for parents to know how to stimulate a young child’s development or how to approach teaching and learning with older children.  Children all learn in different ways, but no matter which school of thought […]

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Auditory perception skills and how to support your child in developing these skills

The following aspects are all important in accurate auditory perception: Auditory figure ground Enables one to focus on one sound between a background of other sounds. Children need this ability to be able to hear their teacher’s voice in a noisy classroom. • Play background music, while giving the child different instructions. See if he […]

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