How to help your baby’s brain grow

Let’s first look at what science has taught us about how your baby’s brain grows: Thanks to research we now know that our brains develop and change throughout our lifetimes, but the most important foundation for brain development is laid in early childhood.  The experiences we have as young children affect the physical architecture of […]

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Separation Anxiety

How should you deal with separation anxiety? Although it can make life rather difficult for parents, separation anxiety is a normal stage of your child’s development.  It is an indication that your child has formed a secure attachment to you and feels happy and safe when they’re with you. Being separated from you for short […]

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Child Development: Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor development Fine motor development refers to the development of the little muscles in the hands, wrists and fingers.  By strengthening these little muscles your child will be able to refine the movements of the hands and fingers and will be able to exert greater control over tasks that require fine work (such as […]

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Baby’s development: 7 – 12 months

Child Development 7 – 12 months Hello world!  The second half of your baby’s first year is all about exploring and her increasing mobility helps her to do exactly that.  Let’s look at some of the developmental milestones you can expect to see at this age.  Remember however that these are merely guidelines and that […]

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Baby’s development: 0-6 months

Your baby’s development: 0 -6 months   At first glance one might not note much difference between a new born baby and a 6-month old baby, but you’ll never guess how much development has taken place in this short space of time!   Here are some of the developmental milestones you can expect to see […]

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