Discipline and the pre-school child

How do you effectively discipline a pre-school child? Most parents will know that this is much easier said than done.  How do you deal with a being that is the epitome of cuteness in one moment and then the devil himself the next?  When is it okay to ignore disruptive behaviour? Until what age are […]

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Hello Doctor Programme

Don’t miss me and my 15 minutes of fame this Sunday on Hello Doctor at 4pm on SABC3 – the insert deals with stress in children. Anel AnnandaleAnel Annandale is a prominent Educational Psychologist with a passion for early childhood development and a special interest in neuropsychology. She is experienced in the field and has […]

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Kids learning: The wonder of play dough

Kids learning about the world through the wonder of play dough. I’m not a night owl.  In fact, most nights I battle to stay awake past 8pm. But last Wednesday evening I found myself in the kitchen at 11:30pm happily humming to myself and shuffling along in my slippers – making play dough. I would […]

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