Tips for feeding a picky toddler

“My child refuses to eat! Help!” This seems to be quite a common complaint for parents of toddlers, yet it can cause parents a lot of stress. The immediate reaction is to 1) punish the child and force him to eat, 2) give-in and give him what he wants because you’re afraid of him going […]

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How to deal with temper tantrums

Dealing with temper tantrums is undoubtedly one of the least fun aspects of parenting.  The balance between building your child’s confidence and setting appropriate boundaries is easily upset and may result in a range of negative outcomes if the scale swings too far in either direction.  Here are some of the ways in which you […]

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Is my baby being naughty?

The word “naughty” just doesn’t seem to fit with the picture most of us have of little babies and I don’t think it’s entirely appropriate to describe babies as either “good” or “naughty”. Instead we should rather try to evaluate whether a baby’s behaviour is age-appropriate or not.  For instance, it’s entirely age appropriate for […]

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ADHD – Tips for Teachers

There is a lot that teachers can do in terms of classroom layout, lesson presentation and behaviour modification techniques to support learners diagnosed with ADD or ADHD Classroom layout   •Arrange desks in rows, not in groups.  (Desks may be placed in a semi-circle to facilitate groupwork and discussions). •Place the ADHD child in the front […]

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