Expresso video 3: Why do children become bullies?

Bullying is a serious problem and as a society we often react with great empathy to the child who is being bullied.  But what if your child is the bully? Children bully others for a variety of reasons.  Surprisingly when we talk to bullies we often find that they themselves suffer from a low self-esteem […]

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Expresso video 2: How to address bullying

In this video I chat to Expresso’s Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp on how parents should address bullying. It is absolutely vital that parents get involved if they know or suspect that their child is being bullied, but how they go about doing so is important:  keep in mind that your child is most likely already feeling embarrassed […]

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Expresso video 1: What is bullying?

Last week I chatted to Expresso’s Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp about bullying. In the first segment we looked at what bullying is, what the psychological effects are and what signs to look out for. Bullying can be described as aggressive behaviour by one party (individual or group) against another in which there is a real or perceived […]

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