Helping older kids with poor handwriting

Poor handwriting is most often caused by an inefficient pencil grip and poor fine motor control.  When teachers and education specialists observe poor handwriting in young children they will usually refer the child to an Occupational Therapist to help change their inefficient grip to the preferred, dynamic tripod pencil grip and to improve their fine […]

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Developmental delay

Developmental delay is the umbrella term used when we first become aware that a child is not achieving his / her developmental milestones as they should. Before I focus further on developmental delay though, I’d like to just pause for a minute and elaborate on what we mean when we say that children are not […]

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Petit Mal – The other culprit in “inattentiveness”

When children are described as being “inattentive” or “distractible” or to be presenting with “lapses in concentration” most teachers and education specialist immediately suspect ADD / ADHD, but a condition known as Petit Mal (or absence episodes) may also be accountable for these periods of inattention. Petit Mal (or absence episodes) refer to brief epileptic […]

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