What is selective mutism?

Children who suffer from selective mutism are able to speak and have a good understanding of language, but do not speak in specific situations or to specific people. Experts have found that children with selective mutism suffer from severe anxiety and it is this anxiety that prevents them from speaking – in essence the mutism […]

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Crossing the midline (Bilateral integration)

Bilateral integration is the ability to use the two sides of the body in a coordinated way, for instance when walking your left leg and right leg need to work together in order in for you to move forward.  Crossing the midline is an important element of Bilateral integration.  Imagine for a moment an invisible […]

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Apologies for the delay

Well, hello again! Our apologies for the delay in communication these last few weeks.  We’ve been working on a brand spanking new format for our newsletter (and fighting the gremlins that have crept  in as a result of the changes).  We are so excited about this new format and hope that you will enjoy it […]

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The effects of poverty on children

In trying to understand the effects of poverty on children we cannot simply look at the current situation but need to take into account  the negative spiral that poverty creates.  Poor children are most likely to grow into poor adults and poor parents and repeat the cycle of inter-generational poverty.  Besides the obvious fact that […]

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