10 Golden rules for parents of children with a learning difficulty

Having a child with a learning difficulty may be leave parents feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do or where to go looking for help.  Implementing these golden rules below should help you, and your child, navigate through the difficult times: Take one day at a time. Remember that you do  not have […]

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7 Myths about ADHD/ADD

ADHD/ADD are undoubtedly controversial diagnoses.  They may present with sets of confusing symptoms that may leave parents at a loss  in trying to understand their child’s learning difficulty.  Below we dispel some of the most commonly held myths about ADHD/ADD: Myth 1: Hyperactive children are overstimulated Hard as it may be to believe children with […]

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Helping your child with sensory processing disorder

If you suspect that your child might be suffering from Sensory Processing Disorder, it would be beneficial to have him assessed by an Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapist or Peadiatrician. The sooner Sensory Processing Disorder is diagnosed, the sooner therapy can start and the better the chances of improvement. Treatment for Sensory Processing Disorder is mainly […]

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What is sensory processing disorder?

The term sensory processing disorder is often bandied around – but what does it mean? Sensory processing (also known as sensory integration) is, in essence what your brain does with the information it receives from your senses.  Without even realising it our sense organs are constantly gathering information from the environment around us and our […]

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