How to get the most from psycho-educational assessments

Psycho-educational assessments: Hearing that your child needs to undergo a full psycho-educational assessment often comes as a rather nasty surprise to most parents.  It’s what economists call a grudge purchase – not something you get because you really want it but because you feel you have to.  Here are some tips to help you get […]

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School readiness: The importance of emotional maturity

School readiness depends as much on emotional maturity as it does on scholastic ability. In order to be deemed cognitively school ready, children need to achieve a test age of 6  years 3 months on school readiness assessments.  Yet, I have assessed many children who have scored much higher than this and still recommended that […]

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Kids learning to read: Pre-literacy skills

Kids learning to read … Learning to decode arbitrary symbols into spoken language … learning to gather information from authors who are not physically present and in some cases, might not even be alive anymore … It truly is a miracle! Reading is definitely no small feat and all Grade 1 teachers undoubtedly deserve heaps […]

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