Mother teaching child to read

Strategies to use when reading with your child at home

There are several useful strategies that parents can make use of when reading with their children at home, as we need to bear in mind that children are individuals and one method is not necessarily going to work for every child. Paired reading becomes useful, as instead of listening to the child read, the parent […]

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Teacher teaching children to read

Reading methods taught at school

Schools use different methods to teach reading. For example: The phonics method; this is the term used for teaching reading wherein individual letters of the alphabet are matched with the specific sounds of the languages pronunciation. So ‘cat’ is read as ‘c-a-t’ and the child then runs the sounds together to say ‘cat’.  This method […]

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Teach children emotional intelligence

Tips for developing your child’s emotional intelligence

Tips for developing your child’s emotional intelligence (and developing these characteristics yourself); ☺    Raise your children understanding that while all emotions are acceptable, not all behaviours are. ☺    Help your children to find appropriate and healthy ways of dealing with all of their emotions, especially the negative ones (this does not allow for them to […]

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Do you want to become an Educational psychologist?

I often receive inquiries from aspiring students about what they need to study to become an Educational psychologist. Due to time constraints I cannot answer these inquiries individually so thought to post this article with answers to the questions most frequently asked: Keep in mind that these are general answers and prospective students are encouraged […]

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