Child's spelling

Spelling strategies for kids

There are 26 letters in the alphabet, which make about 44 sounds individually and combine into a possible 577 letters and sounds. This can be intimidating for even the most confident child.  Spelling is not quite as simple as understanding what sound each individual letter makes, a child also needs to understand what sound it […]

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Reading games for preschool kids

Here are some reading games to play with your preschool kids:  I spy: play I-spy to introduce phonics, ensuring that you use the letter sound and not the name, for example, ‘ah’ (a), ‘buh’ (b), ‘cuh’ (c), rather than ‘Ay’ (A) ‘Bee’(B), ‘See’(C). The game goes like this: “I spy with my little eye, something […]

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Tips on how to develop a love of reading in children: Ages 3 to 5 years

Developing a love of reading in children: Ages 3 to 5 years At this age, children are beginning to develop an appreciation of different letters, numbers, symbols and what they represent. They have also nearly mastered an understanding of different seasons, colours and shapes, as well as the basic concept of time, in terms of […]

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Father reading a book with his daughter

More strategies to use when reading with your child at home

Here are some other strategies that you can make use of when reading with your child at home: Pre-reading strategies – look at the title and available pictures with your child and discuss what you think the story may be about. Question, question, question: Stop reading at regular intervals and ask your child questions about […]

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