Teach children emotional intelligence

Tips for developing your child’s emotional intelligence

Tips for developing your child’s emotional intelligence (and developing these characteristics yourself); ☺    Raise your children understanding that while all emotions are acceptable, not all behaviours are. ☺    Help your children to find appropriate and healthy ways of dealing with all of their emotions, especially the negative ones (this does not allow for them to […]

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Do you want to become an Educational psychologist?

I often receive inquiries from aspiring students about what they need to study to become an Educational psychologist. Due to time constraints I cannot answer these inquiries individually so thought to post this article with answers to the questions most frequently asked: Keep in mind that these are general answers and prospective students are encouraged […]

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kid watching tv

Should you be getting rid of the TV for the kids’ sake?

I grew up in a house where we spent about 90% of our free time watching Television.  We watched the 7 am cartoon while we were having breakfast and tuned in to K-TV when we got back from school in the afternoons.  My mother had the good sense to deny us access to the TV […]

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A call to South African Educators

My experience in working both as a teacher and later as an Educational psychologist in school settings has helped me appreciate exactly how crucial a role educators play in the lives of our children. It is a thankless, never-ending job.  A teacher’s day typically starts just after 7 am (if it’s not staff meetings, it’s […]

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Why do children lie

Actor Al Pacino once famously said: “I always tell the truth, even when I’m lying”.  And like old Al, very few adults can claim to have always told the truth (cross your heart and hope to die).   But where does it start and why do children lie? Young children usually lie in an effort to protect […]

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