Die impak van leerprobleme en gestremdhede

Die take wat ons daagliks  in ons gesins-lewe moet takel kan met tye moeilik genoeg wees, maar as ‘n familielid gestrem is of leerprobleme het kan dit soveel meer uitdagend wees en geweldige druk op die familie-sisteem plaas.  Dit  kan fisies en emosioneel uitputtend wees, gaan dikwels gepaard met verwarrende emosies soos  woede, frustrasie, skuldgevoelens  […]

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Teenage Pregnancy

I was recently invited by Radio 786 to talk about the worrying phenomenon of teenage pregnancy in our schools and communities.   Listen to the full interview here: Teenage Pregnancy 130217 Pt 2

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Discrimination against Educational Psychologists

The following letter was submitted to the Competitions Tribunal by EPASSA (Educational Psychology Association of South Africa) on the 8th of March 2017 and summarises so clearly the unfair and discriminatory actions of several Medical Aids against Educational Psychologists.   8 March 2017   SUBMISSION TO THE COMPETITIONS TRIBUNAL BY THE EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY ASSOCIATION OF […]

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Expresso video 3: Why do children become bullies?

Bullying is a serious problem and as a society we often react with great empathy to the child who is being bullied.  But what if your child is the bully? Children bully others for a variety of reasons.  Surprisingly when we talk to bullies we often find that they themselves suffer from a low self-esteem […]

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Learning Difficulties: What to ask teachers and therapists

In the new term meeting with professionals working with your child is a priority. It can be very daunting, especially for parents whose children may have learning difficulties. Frequently, the professionals end up talking and the parents try desperately to follow the conversation and very often only pick up on the negative information. A small […]

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