7 Myths about ADHD/ADD

ADHD/ADD are undoubtedly controversial diagnoses.  They may present with sets of confusing symptoms that may leave parents at a loss  in trying to understand their child’s learning difficulty.  Below we dispel some of the most commonly held myths about ADHD/ADD: Myth 1: Hyperactive children are overstimulated Hard as it may be to believe children with […]

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ADHD – Tips for Teachers

There is a lot that teachers can do in terms of classroom layout, lesson presentation and behaviour modification techniques to support learners diagnosed with ADD or ADHD Classroom layout   •Arrange desks in rows, not in groups.  (Desks may be placed in a semi-circle to facilitate groupwork and discussions). •Place the ADHD child in the front […]

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Accommodations and Concessions

Are you considering applying to the IEB for accommodations or concessions for your child? Physical disabilities and Learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyscalculia, etc can act as a giant hurdle to your child achieving to their full potential.  If your child has a physical disability or learning difficulty chat to his teachers about the possibility of […]

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