Kids learning to do maths: Early numeracy skills

How effectively are our kids learning to do maths? A recent report on the Annual National Assessments conducted in 2011 suggests that fewer than half of the learners in our country were able to demonstrate that they have at least partially achieved the competencies specified in the curriculum.  Mastering mathematics is a tricky business and […]

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Kids learning: The wonder of play dough

Kids learning about the world through the wonder of play dough. I’m not a night owl.  In fact, most nights I battle to stay awake past 8pm. But last Wednesday evening I found myself in the kitchen at 11:30pm happily humming to myself and shuffling along in my slippers – making play dough. I would […]

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2nd Edition 2011 – Auditory Perception

As February draws to a close, the majority of children have settled into their new classrooms and teachers start to pick up the work pace. This is also generally the time of the year when teachers begin to identify learners with apparent learning difficulties and refer them to various specialists for examination and remediation. Many […]

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