Child Development: Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor development Fine motor development refers to the development of the little muscles in the hands, wrists and fingers.  By strengthening these little muscles your child will be able to refine the movements of the hands and fingers and will be able to exert greater control over tasks that require fine work (such as […]

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Baby’s development: 7 – 12 months

Child Development 7 – 12 months Hello world!  The second half of your baby’s first year is all about exploring and her increasing mobility helps her to do exactly that.  Let’s look at some of the developmental milestones you can expect to see at this age.  Remember however that these are merely guidelines and that […]

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Pencil grip development and why it matters

As part of my assessments I routinely check fine motor control and pencil grip and often while reporting to a parent that their child’s pencil grip is inferior I am asked: “What does it really matter? What difference does it make how my child holds his / her pencil?” We’ve all heard of the brilliant […]

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Pen and paper with writing on it

Writing exercises for children

Children need to be able to communicate appropriately in written form. Unfortunately this no longer means strictly pen on paper and so things such as writing and perfect penmanship are almost considered a thing of the past but this does not mean that your child should be allowed to scribble and work untidily. Writing requires […]

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