Helping children with fear – advice from a Play Therapist

Helping Children with Fear – advice from a Play Therapist All children have fears at some point in their life and it is usually considered to be a normal part of development. These fears are only abnormal if they are persistent or interfere with the child’s normal activities. Toddlers normally have simple fears of separation, […]

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The importance of creative play

The importance of creative play Kids naturally love creative play. They love painting, playing with play dough, dressing-up and making things. Not only is this type of play necessary for a child’s well-being, but it can also assist children by: Providing a safe, non-direct way for children to talk about their worries Strengthening the relationship […]

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Tips for feeding a picky toddler

“My child refuses to eat! Help!” This seems to be quite a common complaint for parents of toddlers, yet it can cause parents a lot of stress. The immediate reaction is to 1) punish the child and force him to eat, 2) give-in and give him what he wants because you’re afraid of him going […]

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