Early Motor Control and Motor Development

Early Motor Control and Motor Development Motor development and control is the most important accomplishment of early life, and therefore the greatest percentage of brain activity at this age is organized for reaching, grasping, turning, lifting, lugging oneself upward first onto the knees, and then finally getting ready to take those first lumbering uncertain steps. […]

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Early Language Development

Early Language Development: Conversational skills start as early as birth when babies have face-to-face interactions with their parents.  These are particularly frequent and become very exciting at about 3 – 6 months of age when babies make more frequent eye contact, smile, make funny faces, coo and make funny sounds. Psychologists analysed early verbal interactions […]

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Intelligence tests for infants

Intelligence Tests Intelligence testing is still a hotly debated issue, particularly for infants and young children.  Although there are scales that are now considered infant IQ tests, such as the Brazelton Neonatal Scale and Bayley Scales for infant development, these have very little stability over time.  Thus, a high score on one of these tests […]

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