Seksvoorligting vir Kleuters

Kyk, as daar nou ‘n onderwerp is wat ‘n frons op meeste ouers se gesigte sal laat verskyn dan is dit seksvoorligting vir kleuters!  Om seksvoorligting met tieners te doen is al klaar moeilik en baie ouers voel dat seksvoorligting vir kleuters heeltemal irrelevant is.  Maar dit is beide relevant en baie nodig op so ‘n […]

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Why do children lie

Actor Al Pacino once famously said: “I always tell the truth, even when I’m lying”.  And like old Al, very few adults can claim to have always told the truth (cross your heart and hope to die).   But where does it start and why do children lie? Young children usually lie in an effort to protect […]

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Welcome Melanie Hartgill

We are thrilled to welcome Melanie Hartgill who is now listed on our website for the Johannesburg East region. Melanie has been an Educational Psychologist for 11 years and is also a mother of two. She features regularly in the press and you can catch her on 702 this Saturday from 7am  talking about learning disabilities in children. […]

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Teaching children anger management skills

Young children are often caught unaware by their own feelings of anger and frustration.  They don’t fully understand what came over them in their fit of rage and may feel agitated and confused (and sometimes a little guilty) by their own behaviour. Here are some tips on helping your little one deal with his anger […]

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