Children’s products spelling gripe

So we’re standing in the ridiculously long queue of a hot, over-crowded supermarket today when a pack of jelly tots in the “walk this way and buy more stuff you don’t need on the way to the cashier” isle catches my eye.  And I explode!  My fiance, who by now is just as hot and uncomfortable as I am […]

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What is a child psychologist?

I answered a telephonic inquiry to my practice a few days ago and found myself blowing bubbles while trying to explain exactly what a child psychologist is and what it is that they do.  You see, the answer to this seemingly simple question is in fact amazingly complex. Why?  Well, because technically there is no […]

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A call to South African Educators

My experience in working both as a teacher and later as an Educational psychologist in school settings has helped me appreciate exactly how crucial a role educators play in the lives of our children. It is a thankless, never-ending job.  A teacher’s day typically starts just after 7 am (if it’s not staff meetings, it’s […]

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Seksvoorligting vir Kleuters

Kyk, as daar nou ‘n onderwerp is wat ‘n frons op meeste ouers se gesigte sal laat verskyn dan is dit seksvoorligting vir kleuters!  Om seksvoorligting met tieners te doen is al klaar moeilik en baie ouers voel dat seksvoorligting vir kleuters heeltemal irrelevant is.  Maar dit is beide relevant en baie nodig op so ‘n […]

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